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Heart on the stage

taija new

Heart on the stage

Number 1


Oh I/ I’m gonna be somebody’s number one/

So tell me if you that somebody/Throw me on the back burner I learn quick/ So just know when them tables turn that you’ve earned/ Nothing

I’m gonna be somebody’s number one/ So tell me if you that somebody/ Throw me on the back burner I learn quick/ So just know when them tables turn that you’ve earned


(Verse 1)

Thought I had the right one/ All about me I was all about him/ Unconditionally/ Happening, how could this happen to me? /How could it be I was second to none now I’m three?/ You always came first you’re my priority/ Every minute that I’m free is all yours/ But there’s a problem when it’s yours/ And you only standby when you want it?/ No, I’m closing all doors/And all the excuses they’re poor/ Tears continue to pour/ My resentment toward you festers inside me like a swollen pore/ My soul is sore but you mark my word I’ma soar/ I am woman hear me roar/ Cause an uproar when you see me leaving/ Conditioned my mind like you were a leave-in/ I don’t get even deleting my role/ That console and friends will console your soul right?/ They will kiss you goodnight?/ Kendrick said you’ll be alright

And so I’m taking that flight back to me/


Getting sick and tired cuz you lying through your teeth/ Say you can’t breath find it hard to believe/ I’m no longer naive

(Hook 1x)


(Verse 2)

Daddy told me never date a man who already has kids/ If you ain’t got your own it’s baby mama drama also difficult to fit in/ And I ain’t take his advice and now I’m wondering why/ Because for me you never have time/ And if I’m sounding selfish

It’s cuz I can’t help the way I feel about it inside/ I ain’t saying I should be number one/ Cuz I already know that I’m number two/ But I be feeling like a none and I know it ain’t right/ You should treat me like I treat you/ And I ain't end the first relay just to get into another neglect situation/ It doesn’t matter the reason cuz it is what it is/ Not up for deliberation/ And I ain’t got the patience time I’m not wasting/ Not so I could be forsaken/ Know I’m a catch that you once had to catch/ So no I don’t run when you need me to fetch/ Seems like I’m fighting for val/ All cuz you need to learn balance/ Caught in this negative valence/ I’m out of strength for the challenge


(Hook 1x)


Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

In Love With


Can you tell me without thinking?/

Before we jump into the deep end/

You say it’s me you want are you ready?/

I can’t be sure if we’re reaching/



Who, Who are you in love with? (Can you tell me without thinking?)/

Who, Who are you in love with? (Before we jump into the deep end)/

Who, Who are you in love with? (You say it’s me you want are you ready?)/

Who, Who are you in love with? (I can’t be sure if we’re reaching)/

Over time/You’ve seen both sides/

And so I/I wonder who?/

Who are you in love with?/

Who?/Who are you in love with/


(Verse 1)

Tell me what you love about me/

And tell me what you don’t/

Cuz I can tell if you really want what you think that you want off the dome/

I could be a handful/

And if you like an empty palm I can say I’m not the one for you/

Say it’s safe to run/

Writing’s on the wall I’ma drive you up a wall/

And when I do will we lose it all?/


I’ma be because I’m telling you up front/

You can leave now escape me problem solved/

Break free before you go invest another month/

Hehh hehh smokey is the mirror that is me/

Alluding to illusion Taija New not Taija Newton/You seeing the forbidden fruit and want to

sink your tooth in/

Love the alter she won’t stand beside you at the altar/Hope your mind doesn’t alter/

She’s a pro can you fault her?/

Teflon skin in a room full of men and I’m trying to blend in/And they brain on the sin/

And with you I ascend/

They say I got the whole package if you want it you can have it or you can remain a friend/


(Hook 1x)


(Verse 2)

Different you’re so different/

They say opposites attract but you're so different/

And you in love with how I act that’s when we’re the same though/And that’s when we see eye to eye that’s when we’re on the same note/

You in love with a persona/

And sometimes it makes me wonder/

Is it really me that you're fond of?/

Is it me you can’t get your mind off of?/

When you met me I was working/

And where we met is where we grew/

You aint know about them cons/

Only them pros was getting through/

To all my ladies in careers/

You’re professional as hell/

Just cuz you present your top shelf/

Doesn’t mean you're not being yourself/

And if he ain't with it then to hell with him/

Cuz who died and made him the judge?/

Just know you are the truth/

Keep being you/

It is what it is never what he thought it was/

(Hook 1x)

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

Heart on the Stage

(Verse 1)

On my auditory nerve/

Yapping bout this never that/

N***** stay on my back/

Bragging bout their team and the game that they claim to be in/

Never been friends, n**** we ain't ever been friends/

Box you will never slide in/

B****** in the cut with they frocks in a bunch/

See me get it fair while they c***ks for they lunch/

Killing it brr brr murder it/

I’m the determined kid/

I got the purpose s*** I am the king/

bling on they fing while they clutching they’re ding/

From the looks of it looks like a fraud/

Stand and applaud your demolition oh so appalled how you lost to the chick with the bra/

Down down down watch em all fall/

Run this town? Really come on?/

Exclude all you want/

A fool for your thoughts some food for your thoughts the the care that you sought/

Realize how you fought, really b**** you thought/

Bleak on your pathway, mistakes of the past way you did it admit it you cater to drums that want/ none of the real they for fun and them pills is for bums I could say more but k b**** I’m done/



My territory/

When I’m all done they’ll be hella sorry/


Every time they make it rain a sob story/


All they talk bout is that foreign/

Meanwhile I’m up on that Lauryn/

Heart on the stage when I’m touring/

Cuz everybody tryna get paid/


Tell me what they do when the pen they really bout  the fame/

Who's gonna save us? (You do not want it with me)/

Tell me who's gonna save what they made?(You do not want it with me)/

Regardless of paper Newbian King leave her heart on the stage/


(Verse 2)

Anybody say I didn’t earn my keep is a ***damn lie/

They been doing this a long time/

Tell me how it look from the back of the line/

Talk about “Views” when that rap about shoes/

Seeing everything through a different hue/

Stable champion when you don’t have the option to lose/

I never miss a context clue/

I’m in command I’m a pilot you stewardess watch where you stand/

Aint on this flight let them out in the desert so signal the plane/

Manifest destiny know my success was all part of the plan/

Slay on the low but they know my M.O. when I silence them lambs/

I’m on they auditory nerve cuz I’m everywhere you cannot avoid me/

Stressing my constant anointing/

Stressing my presence I know I’m a joy thief/

Thought you were winning till I came along/

Couldn’t outdo me if I wrote the song/

Couldn’t outshine me in a sing-a-long/

Hope you kept that crown from your high school prom/


(Hook 1x)

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

Blow 4 Blow

(Verse 1)

Rolled up to my house unannounced in an all-black car so I had it/

Brought the n**** out just to ask if he smashed or passed so let's have it/

Know he had to tell you more than once you're a dunce it'll never happen/

Newbian King in his dreams every night like a mattress/

I'm the screensaver on the phone when you call/

I'm the wallpaper on his laptop all/

Riddled on his page when you creeping that's me/

Valentine's Day on a cruise in the sea/

Wishing you were me/

N****s in the DM wishing they were he yet no one like you/

On my front lawn as he handing you the truth/

Do you know who I am?/

King Taija New/



Jackets for all these broads/

They know that they belong in an asylum/

What a faux pas/

I lay down the law it's time to abide them/

We must be killing them, killing them, killing them, killing them crazy/

This venom ain't for the lazy/

She let me yell and can't tame me/

Blow for blow/

Blow for blow/

Blow for blow/

Blow for blow/

We must be killing them, killing them, killing them, killing them crazy/

This venom ain't for the lazy/

She let me out and can't tame me/

(Verse 2)

Signal the plane/

This b**** deranged/

Calling and leaving them voicemails she toying she got me f***** up/

My man she's tempted to touch/

She see the bling on my fing now she testing her life/

Don't make me get out of character/

Way too simple to embarrass her/

Ain't you got 5 baby daddies?/

Ain't you trying to get a sixth?/

I ain't judging okay get it how you live/

I ain't got a fight with a fist/

Every my word will assist/

In your death by complete sentences/

I'm not going to stoop to your level/

I'm ahead of you/

Plus he go to bed with who?/

You jealous of the kid/I can tell you parched for a sip he won't give it to you/ Know he ain't a fool/

His momma raised him/

Oop girl she sure told her, get into it!/



(Hook 1x)



Who let the b****** out/

All they do is they run their mouth/

I am a king I'm a motherf***ing king/

And I got queens making sure the crown's clean/

T.Remm will tell them king I’ve been never fold on the flow b**** I'm always pristine/



(Hook 1x)

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

Time and Patience

(Verse 1)

Time and patience/

Tired of waiting on you/

On you/

On you/

Stressed cuz I figure you’re already gone/


Get away can’t stay in your love, your way/

Away is where I’ll be/

Where I be here and forever always/



Hope you get it right/

Just sayin/

Your love comes with a price/

That I don’t plan on paying/

Turn it off, Turn it off, Turn it off/

That bill is too high/

Shut it down, shut it down, shut it down/

Cut off those lines cuz I’ve/

Been sleeping with the problem. How come/

I can’t seem to get out of debt with you? I want to be done/

No longer in need of your service/

For one and two/

You loan sharked my heart/

I want to get it back I swear I’m through/


(Verse 2)

Lies, fallacies, desires/

We gon see the truth, the truth/

Is this a fantasy?/

Don’t make a fool of me/

I know/

How it looks in public/

And everybody sees the spell that you got on me/

On me/

But I’m begging you please/


(Hook 1x)



You got me waiting/

Time you’ve been wasting/

It’s not ok and I wonder/

What could you need?/

If I’m the only one in love here/

I’d rather be in love with me/

I can’t go on thinking/

You’ll see that my word is bond/


So I’m writing songs to move on/

I hope you hear me/


(Hook 1x)

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

Watchin Ft. J.Dilli


I've been watching you watching me girl/

But I just can't seem to find the words/

I've been watching you watching me girl/

It's getting harder to control the urge/

I've been watching you watching/

I've been watching you watching/

I've been watching you watching/

I've been watching you watching/

I've been watching you watching/

I've been watching you watching/

I've been watching you watching/

I've been watching you watching/


(Verse 1)

Watching you you watching me/ It ain't hard to see/

I want to beat that p**** up eat that p**** so sloppily/

I f*** ya so good you got to stop and breathe/

Breathe, breathe/

Got to stop and breathe/

When I go to leave/

Got her copping pleas/  

Like na bae I've been waiting all day/

Yeah I want you all night just for the foreplay/

In the morning we going to get into it/

The way that you talking so intimate/

I can tell by that look that you're into me/

You know what I'm bout I'm bout winning babe/

Won't you come join the winning team/

(Hook 1x)

( Verse 2)

Talking about what you gon eat/

See you you can't even speak/

This kitty cat right here chic/

Been conserving her for weeks/

If you watching me watching you how could it be/

That you're sure that it wasn't you staring at me?/

Never caring who sees/

I can give a f*** I'm a king/

What do you want?/

Tell me what it is/

Can you put it down touch and ovary no kids?/

Do it anywhere anytime no crib/

Do it anywhere anytime no crib/

Say you do this and that I am waiting/

Sick of this game I'm tired of playing/

What's the delay babe?/

You gon to show me what it is?/

You fantasizing and pleading the fifth/

Let your impulse do the talking that's it/

Splurge on my body don't control the urge/

It'll never happen if you don't have the courage/

I'm trying to have you come finish my story/

Write it, and edit, and flip through these pages/

Recipe included know you can taste it/

It's going to go down tonight so let's face it/

It's going to go down tonight so let's face it/


(Hook 1x)

Written By J.Dilli & Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli


(Verse 1)


They could never win/



They could never coast in the lane I’m in/

Pain to them/

Every single image I painted them/

Insane I am/

Beat to the 9’s forget the 10/

See the perpetration/

But the repetition dead/

I’ma put them all to bed/

You could never be me/

Even if you paid a fee to be the King

You’d never see me/

Ain’t got to tell them that I’m next/

Cuz they peeping all the stats

While they witnessing the facts/

Searching like a pap/

Like I died and made them nurse/

Looking like them paps/

Remember who did it first/



We some college graduates and we work down to the white meat/

Every time they ask what our worth is we pulling out certificates/ degrees/

Making all this cake is a crime we don’t leave no crumbs when we done/

We gon’ hip pose popping that gum/

140 and you still mad that I won? (I gave you that)!/

140 and you still mad that we won? (I gave you that)!/



We some Newbians we come out of nowhere/

Naysayer say you lying say you don’t care/

What come into one it go out the other ear/

Turn it into glitter and we throw it in the air/

No fear no we nuh feel no fear/

No fear no we nuh feel no fear/

No fear no we nuh feel no fear/

Turn it into glitter and we throw it in the air/


(Verse 2)

Pick your poison/

What is more annoying than my poise?/

Such a lady when I’m stunting on them big boys/

Decimate careers all while eating bok choi/

Taboo king making tabloids/


Applaud the implausible/

I was plotting you was spending on automobiles/

I was nothing even when you had time to kill/

I’ma show you how to pay a hundred dollar bill/

With a hundred dollar bill/

Tell you what it is while they tell you pop pills/

Always bout my biz even when he say it’s real/

Hit after hit General Mill/

Food for your thoughts general meal/


(Pre-hook 1x)


(Hook 1x)

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

I Want It All


I want it all I want it all I want it/

Selfish I know I'm entitled I'm worth it/

You'll never find another like me I'm perfect/

I want it all I want it all I want it/

I want it all I want it all I want it/

I want it all I want it all I want it/

Selfish I know I'm entitled I'm perfect/

You'll never find another like me I'm worth it/


(Verse 1)

Everybody say they want a real one/

Got dudes in the dm by the 10s/

Many many men and I don't want none of em/

Standards in my book never bend/

I am a boss I don't settle for less/

If he worthless to me I don't ever depend/

Game strong everyday what the f*** I look like with a weak minded man to append/

If he ain't gotta ask for a thing/

I'ma desire the same gain/

Figure match my figure as the bills getting thicker/

And I figure if the relay gonna be a figure 8/

First date I lay out the landscape/

Couldn't score if his name was D Wade/

Bout my business always at the end of the day/

It's just me alone and Harriet's face/



You will never run into another that is worth the title/

Your relays crash and burn you always end up liable/

Ooo I'm too much/

You are not enough/

I want some accolades, I want some progress made, I want positive change/


(Hook 1x)


(Verse 2)

I don't ask for much but I want everything that I ask for/

They don't make them like me no more/

Newbian antique roadshow/

Hmm I'm so rare in my rear view mirror they disappear/

King and I'm on the top tier/

King I don't shed a tear/

It's lonely at the top , feel me/

Baggage quick to drop, If he trippin/

I call him a cab/

Insecure, disloyal, take out the trash/

Ain't no giving it away/

Ain't no giving it away/

I break boundaries by my g**d**n self/

Man up it's the only job left/




(Hook 1x)

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli


(Verse 1)

This if for my real boss women with the cute lace fronts/

Bad bad gyal so he tempted to touch/

We don't run the streets we run the business/

Pull up in the spot the windows tinted/ Make them timid they faces crimson/ Until he saw us he thought he was pimping/

These bars shake him right down to his tendons/

And we don't want your money yes we buy our own drinks/

And looking a** b****** mad they can't imitate/

I'm bout to bruk it down n**** give me some space/

Uh VIP and bottles for free with a check paid to the order of me/

Meh don't know bout fee/ Priceless tings for a Newbian King/

Open the purse it's like Emerald City/

We still smart and we so damn pretty/

B****** so tight speak my name out of spite/ They will spend their whole life trying to find how to end me/

I send a bottle to their table out of pity/ They told me he bought me the bar I said "Did he?"/

Oh so you trying to be sidity like Diddy/ How can he impress when I pave my own way?/

He said meh nuttin like dem otha gal/

Of course not what's a wild deuce to a spade?/



Headstrong with the body control oh (stick up, stick up dem not bad gyal give up, give up)/ Head strong with the body control oh (stick up, stick up dem not bad gyal give up, give up)/ Head strong with the body control oh (stick up, stick up dem not bad gyal give up, give up)/ Head strong with the body control oh (stick up, stick up dem not bad gyal give up, give up)/


(Verse 2)

And we so fiesty/

Still in a book/

Stealing every look with such ease/

How long it took?/

For them to maintain the basic/

Yo terminé/

B****** always making me sick/

We can't complain/

He loving the way we post up/

They creating single files we get so much love/

If she in denial tell her life's a tough b****/ We get everything that we want and then some/

While they slowing down we pick up momentum/

Ask him who she is him ah say meh friend dat/

Took him by the hand and she jumped in her bag/

So give us some space/

Ooo mash up the place/

Dare put his hand pon me waist/

Set floor ablaze/

Give his soul for deh taste/

Weh him ah made his mistake/

We don't entertain if he ain't our soulmate/

So exclusive how we lock the gold gates/ Check in my purse, checked my worth, checkmate/

Second to none, so they know collate/

Me catalyst she is such a substrate/

So independent he can't get enough/

He said meh nuttin like dem other gal/

It's the New Empire like my name King Tut/


(Hook 1x)

(Outro 4x)

stick up, stick up dem not bad gyal give up, give up

Written By Taija New

Voice on intro Iyahfyah

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

The Chill



When the wind blows/

Do we all know/

If the chill cuts too close?/

And when the sun glows/

will we rise?/

Will the cold be our demise?/

(Verse 1)

Who are you?/

Leave the party oh so rude/

You know you the life of it/

That was corny you don't care about the price of it/

Take two/

What you mean it's over after take one?/

If he had to take one/

I would've volunteered but you beat me to it didn't you?/

Could've stayed a little longer like a minute or two/

Look at me I'm such a mess when I think of you/

I mean it's not your fault but it is/

You made me fall in love then you vanish what is this/

I felt my heart drop for the first time attack/

Riddling my brain like yo just relax/

You didn't send a call, not a text, nor a fax/

I sent you one though but you never write back/

(Hook 1x)

So you a follower?/

So you see her do it now you lay down too?/

I'm wondering when I said it was okay/

Cuz if I did I'll live to regret that day/


You see what you did?/

look at her so alone/

Embraces and faces can't help her/

So what now?/

This one is your fault/


It's funny how that goes/

Absence and all/

Silence at night/

When darkness falls/

Daily phone calls and you didn't wean her off/

Crying out your name at night when she tosses and turns/

Feeling deserted I feel for her/

Sometimes I cry for her crying for you/

I cry for you, I cry for her/

I cry till the tears stain and until my eyes burn/

(Hook 1x)



I miss you Auntie/

We miss you/

I miss you Nana/

We miss you/

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

Heart on the stage

taija new

                                                       Thank you


I would first and foremost like to thank God for the blessings that I have received thus far in my life and career. Thank you to J.Dilli for your hard work on this album and bearing with me through this two year process.  From every beat to the engineering you are extremely talented and I feel blessed to have worked with you. Thank you to my parents and my family for their continuous support of a career that is so hard to succeed in. To the love of my life, Christian, I am so grateful that I found my way back to you. Your unconditional love and faith in me have allowed me to be who I am on and off stage, what more can a girl a girl ask for? I want to thank my work family for never hesitating to attend my shows and for being such genuine supporters of myself and my team. Thank you to all of the radio stations and DJs that spin my music. You are what gets an artist heard and I couldn’t do this without your support. Thank you to D.Moss and Tim Lovett for opportunities that I will never take for granted. I would like to thank Tim Lovett again for booking me for the very show that provided the candid photographs for this album. Thank you to D.Maldo for my first video on this album, “Glitter” as well as "A Glimpse of Taija New" I appreciate your hard work and dedication on this project. Thank you to my AMAZING team Myles Jeh, Tylor T, and Dj Juice. Where would I be without you guys?! I’m only a strong as my team and damn you guys are strong! Each tour date, performance and rehearsal would not be the same without you three xo. Myles Jeh thank you for being the backbone of my career, from my Creative Director, to my Choreographer, to management and most of all my best friend, I love and appreciate you like you wouldn't believe. Thank you to Tyree for your dedicated contribution to the Newbian Team I won’t forget it. To my baby sister Desi M. thank you for allowing me to drag you to some of my shows and events with a camera in your hand; words cannot express my gratitude for you filling in whenever you can.  Last but certainly not least thank you to my beloved fans, the Newbians <3 you all mean the universe to me. You are the reason I keep reaching for the stars and you all never shy from letting everyone know that you are proud Newbians. I truly love and adore every single one of  you.


All songs Produced,Recorded, and Engineered (mixed and mastered) by J.Dilli

at the Stu 413 Chicopee, MA


All songs written by Taija New


College Booking: Houla Entertainment LLC.

All other bookings:


Newbian Team: Myles Jeh, Dj Juice, Tylor T


Photo Credits:

All photos by Desi M.

Except for group photo and close up with microphone photo by Ian Bauer

Video Credit

"A Glimpse of Taija New" and "Glitter" by D.Maldo



Get your sh** together



Get your sh** together/

Get your sh** together/

Get your sh** together/

Get your sh** together/

Get your sh** together


(Verse 1)

What did you think when you wifed up me?When you wifed up a g?/

Knew I was a king, Knew I was a king/

Quiet in the library, I stay booked/

On the front page of the paper , All day though/

Show after show after show, That’s all day dough/

Talking to them boys bout the news for the brand/

Taking them pics with the Newbians/

Know what I can’t stand? , Supposed to be my man/

We a team right, Ya being mean why?/


(Hook 2x)


Can’t handle them dudes/

Why you got an attitude/

Cuz I’m always on their  newsfeed?/

You want to be low key/

Need to buy self-esteem/

Taija New know what that means?/

I’m hot not A/C on the block/

Man or not I’ma clock/

Man or not I’ma clock/


(Verse 2)
So your homies told you, you a legend/
Now you envying a well known classic/ Wishin I wasn't me, I don't curtsy/
Autographs, Guaranteed sales this half/
Don't comprehend?, N**** do the math/
Never a weak, kiss your feet b****/
What is it they call that?, Basic/
She personified gold, #Blackgirlmagic/
Try to put her in a cage, Nobody's safe/
Heart on the stage, I rest my case/


(Hook 2x)


Get your sh** together

Written By Taija New

Produced and Engineered by J.Dilli

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Heart on the stage

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