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I first want to thank you for being a part of the #NewbianTeam and sticking with me throughout the years. My resilience is sparked by you so don't think for one second that I don't take the time to appreciate you. Unsolicited Material is an album that took over five years to create and in that five years I grew in more ways than one. This album encompasses that growth and my evolution from a young lady to a woman. I always create merch with passion and ensure whatever the image, that it defines where I am in my creative being at any point in time; the Unsolicited Material T-Shirts do just that.


I hope you like the merch and feel as free to express yourself as I have creating this project and remember; keep being you because that's what  I love <3 - Newbian King

Unsolicited Material T-Shirt

  • T-shirts are a comfortable fit

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